How To Clean Your Home In Spring To Avoid Asthma Symptoms?

Asthma SymptomsAs spring season comes, you have to think about spraying your home quickly.

This is especially important when you are suffering from asthma.

In winter months, dust and other allergens collect, making dangerous asthma triggers in your home.

You have to follow simple steps to protect yourself and your family from potential indoor asthma triggers.

Steps to prevent indoor asthma triggers

Dusting properly:

During the months of winter, dust might have gathered, so it is the time to clean every corner by moving the furniture aside. Curtains and window blinds are the places where dust collects, so remove and clean them properly.

If you identify that dust mites can trigger your asthma, you can reduce by vacuuming and dusting all areas using a vacuum cleaner with good suction and a filtered exhaust. You have to change the vacuum cleaner filters regularly.

Even though you are cleaning your home for spring, you should be careful as dust particles will stay in the air for at least two hours after cleaning process and these particles can trigger your asthma symptoms. One thing you can do is while cleaning your home; you have to keep the doors and windows open.

You should be very careful while cleaning your home with cleaning products as they contain chemicals, which can trigger your asthma.

You can also take the help of someone who is not having asthma to clean your home while you stay out of the room.

Removing old things and belongings:

Remove all old belongings or donate to the charity so that you can reduce dust in your home and clean your home easily. Keep all the items in closets and drawers so that the dust gathering will be less.

Removing indoor mold:

Indoor mold can trigger your asthma symptoms. Make your home well ventilated and remove mold. Wash dustbins, scrub the kitchen and bathroom and clean shower curtains for removing mold.

Changing old filters:

You have to clean or change the old filters frequently. Changing the filters in air purifiers, air conditioners, vents or dehumidifiers can make the incoming air in your home fresh, clean and breathable.

You should manage your asthma symptoms with asthma action plan to make your life easier with asthma. Asthma action plan includes details of your asthma medications, when your asthma is becoming worse and what are the triggers that are causing asthma attacks. Prepare a written asthma action plan and discuss with your doctor to control your asthma [Controlling triggers of asthma].



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