Hypnotize Your Asthma

hypnosisMany triggers will bring on an asthma attack. Walking in the park can turn into a walk down pollen lane.

Pollen is a trigger that can make your eyes run and your chest to tighten. Your pleasant walk may cause your asthma to start acting up.

It is hard sometimes for a person with asthma to go out in the spring because of this very thing.

Spring pollen is not the only thing that can bring about an asthma attack though. There are times when an asthma attacks, triggers are stress, anxiety, anger, and depression.

These triggers are psychological and treated differently from regular triggers. A new treatment for these asthma triggers is available in the form of hypnotherapy.

Your Mind and Asthma

Your mind is what tells your body what to do. The psyche of your mind interacts with your physical body. If you get upset or angry, your body will respond physically to it.

Sometimes this response will cause your asthma attack. There is a purpose of going to a hypnotherapist for your asthma. Hypnosis therapy will help you control what is bothering you and it will help you to keep your asthma under control.


Hypnosis has to do with controlling your thoughts and emotions. A hypnotherapist will give suggestions to you while you are in a trance like state. It will depend on what instructions they give as to how your mind will react.

For instance if they suggest that you should not let your body get really upset due to anger, then your body will obey this suggestion. When your body obeys this suggestion, your anger will not be able to bring on your asthma attack. If you have severe asthma then this could be a lifesaver for you.

Technique of Hypnosis

Your hypnotherapist will tell you to relax. Your muscles will start to loosen up. They will tell you to concentrate on sending this relaxation throughout your body.

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy, is often a suggestion. Finally, you will spiral down into a state of total hypnosis and relaxation. After achieving this state of mind, suggestions given to you will help with your asthma.

Feelings during Hypnosis

While you are in a state of hypnosis, your body will feel several different things. It could affect the range of motion of your body. You may feel a sense of moving very slowly.

A feeling of relaxation can come over you. This relaxation can be mild or you may feel a sense of total peacefulness. Your mind will be in a trance like state.

Duration of time may seem to change for you during hypnosis. You will not always have to go to a hypnotherapist to feel this way. Self-hypnosis can be self-taught and you will be able to bring yourself to this state of mind when your emotions are getting the best of you.

As you can see, hypnotherapy whether induced by a hypnotherapist, or self induced, will be a big help in your fight against asthma.



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