Know About Asthma Drugs That Are Effective For Long-Term Asthma Control!

Asthma DrugsThe correct to approach to asthma management is dependent on using the correct anti-inflammatory asthma drugs with broncho-dilators which are necessary for immediate and occasional relief of asthma symptoms.

Two types of asthma drugs: Anti-inflammatory medications and broncho-dilators.

Anti-inflammatory medications are preventers which are used to treat the inflammation caused by exposure to inducers.

Broncho-dilators are relievers used to relieve broncho-constriction which is provoked by triggers.

Anti-inflammatory asthma drugs:

If you want to manage asthma symptoms, you have to use anti-inflammatory medications which work on long-term. Anti-inflammatory asthma drug works by interfering with the activity and chemistry of immune cells such as mast cells which cause inflammation in the airway walls. Anti-inflammatory asthma drug also helps rest the airway muscles that narrow and constrict during broncho-spasms.

Anti-inflammatory asthma drugs prevent and reduce swelling, inflammation and mucus in the airways. They also stop the symptoms such as wheeze, cough and breathlessness. They should be taken on regular basis and are slow acting.

There are two types of anti-inflammatory asthma drugs: steroidal and non-steroidal. The most common steroids include beclomethasone, flunisolide, fluticasone and budesonide. The non-steroids include sodium cromoglycate and nedocromil.

Corticosteroid inhalers:

Corticosteroid asthma drugs are the most effective preventers. This asthma drug works by reducing and preventing airway inflammation, swelling and mucus. This asthma drug should be used regularly and do not have an instant effect.

Corticosteroid side effects:

With low doses, there are few side effects. High doses cause growth suppression. Side effects such as hoarseness and sore throat occur. Thrush and yeast contamination can occur which can be prevented by rinsing the mouth and gargling. Using a holding chamber can also prevent side effects.

Corticosteroid tablets:

These are used when inflammation becomes severe. This asthma drugs reduce inflammation, swelling and mucus and help broncho-dilators work better. These tablets work within hours but take several days to have full effect.

These are used for short period of time just to get inflammation under control. Side-effects with these tablets are water retention, puffy face, bruising, increased appetite, stomach irritation and weight gain.


Intal and tilade are other preventers which are non-steroidal and reduce inflammation. Sodium chromoglycate is an asthma drug used for mild asthma. This asthma drug can protect against the effects of cold air and exercise. It requires four to six weeks to be effective and has few side effects.

Nedocromil is an asthma drug which requires 3 to 4 weeks to be effective. It has bad taste and has few doses. You need more than one canister per month.

Ketotifen is an asthma drug used for mild asthma. This is used by asthma patients who suffer from hay fever. It helps in reversing inflammation of the airways and can be sued orally, tablets or syrup. The side effects with this asthma drug are drowsiness and weight gain.



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