Living With Asthma Becomes Easier By Controlling The Triggers Of Asthma!

Living With AsthmaIf you have asthma, it is important to take care of yourself for living with asthma.

Living with asthma is not an easy task, but with proper plan and management, you can make it easy.

Asthma is not completely curable, so you have to prevent to enjoy normal life.

Tips for living with asthma:

  • You have to inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking for controlling asthma. You have to go for check up regularly for asthma management. You should keep the doctor’s appointments regularly.
  • Medications should be used correctly for living with asthma. You should take the medications regularly and inhalers should be there always with you.
  • Learn how to use the inhalers, otherwise less medication will get into your airways. If you have problem in taking asthma medications, discuss your problem with your doctor.
  • Inhaled medications can be taken by metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and nebulizers. Keep track of the inhaler doses and discard the inhaler when you have used the number of doses indicated on the package label.
  • For living with asthma, you have to educate yourself about asthma. You can control and reduce the risk of asthma attacks once you educate yourself.
  • You should know about the things which worsen asthma symptoms. Avoid or prevent those things.
  • If animal dander is the problem, keep your pet out of the bedroom. If possible, keep the pet outside the home. Wash your pet often.
  • If pollen is the problem, stay indoors when pollen count is high. Close the windows and doors of the house and windows of car to prevent the pollen from entering inside.
  • If dust mites are the problem, use air filters at home. Wash the curtains, pillows and blankets regularly. Clean the carpet regularly.
  • Avoid smoking and do not allow other to smoke inside the home and around you as it irritates the airways.
  • You have to understand your barriers and solutions. Find out what are the causes that are preventing to follow the asthma action plan. You may have physical hurdles like staying away from doctor or pharmacy or you may have emotional hurdles like undiscussed fears. Discuss your hurdles with your doctor to reach your goals for living with asthma.
  • For living with asthma, you have to sue a peak flow meter which records your peak expiratory flow. It helps you and your doctor manages your asthma. Peak flow meter can also be used at home and it helps to know when your lung function is becoming worse before it drops to a dangerous low level.
  • Identify the asthma triggers to decrease the chances of asthma attack will help in controlling inflammation in bronchial tubes, which carry air into the lungs.
  • For living with asthma, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself away with allergies and asthma. Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, low in fats and sugars [Asthma Diet]. Get enough rest and exercise regularly.


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