Living Your Life If You Are Asthmatic

asthmaticA diagnosis of Asthma does not mean that you cannot live your life in the best way possible.

You may have to adjust the things that you do, and you will have to stay away from asthma triggers, but having Asthma should be very manageable.

Life is about change, and if you have asthma it just means you will have to change a little more than others do.

You will find that everyone has things in their life they have to adjust to, and yours just happens to be asthma.

Staying Positive

When you have asthma, it always helps to try to have a positive attitude. Enough things can trigger asthma without you letting stress and depression trigger it also.

If you let the disease affect you in this way, your stress and your blue feelings could actually bring on an attack.

You may want to incorporate breathing exercises, yoga, and self-hypnotherapy into your daily lifestyle to help you deal with all of your negative feelings about your asthma. These will help calm you down and make your condition easier to manage.


You will want to know what causes this disease and how to manage it. Staying informed about all the new asthma medications that come on the market will help. Pharmaceutical companies are always developing new drugs that work better than what you are taking.

If you stay informed, you are arming yourself to fight a better battle when it comes to asthma. Your physician, health care provider, library, and the Internet will be a big help in your search for information.

Avoiding the Triggers

Asthma triggers are things that you will need to familiarize yourself with and avoid, so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

You would not think that a leisurely walk in a beautiful field of flowers would hurt you at all, but if you have asthma, it can.

All the pollen from those beautiful flowers can be a trigger for your asthma. It is just one, among many. You will also want to avoid that isle in your grocery store that has all the cleaners and detergents in it as much as possible, because breathing their fumes can trigger your asthma.

Even fun in the sun will bring on an asthma attack. If you get too hot sometimes, it will aggravate your asthma.

Stay Away from Smoking

Most restaurants, office buildings, and businesses are now smoke free zones. The government has passed laws that prohibit people from smoking inside most commercial buildings. This is a good thing for you, if you have asthma.

Sometimes staying away from someone who smokes is a hard thing to do. If your husband or wife smokes, you will want to ask them to smoke outside your home and car. Smoke can really irritate a person’s bronchial tubes when they have asthma.

You can lead a wonderful life even though you have asthma. Empower yourself with the facts and keep pushing forward.



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