Tips To Maintain Good Asthma Diet For Healthy Life!

Asthma DietMaintaining healthy and balanced diet is very important for every one to lead a healthy life.

Especially for asthma patients, it is very important to consume healthy and nutritious food.

If you are suffering with asthma, then you are more prone to allergies like food allergy.

So, it is very important to maintain healthy diet with more proteins and nutrients.

How asthma is linked with food allergy?

Asthma diet mainly helps in preventing food allergies, which can lead to inflammation in the air passages. These air passages are the main sources to convey air to your lungs.

Eating unhealthy diet or foods to which your immune system is sensitive can trigger the allergic reactions in your body and leads to asthma attack.

Only in some rare cases, food allergy can trigger asthma. How ever, the symptoms are overlooked in several skin tests for allergy and it takes more time for the symptoms to appear, after the ingestion of food.

Even though the asthma attacks due to food allergy is rare, it is very important to maintain better asthma diet to prevent yourself from attacks.

There are certain foods which are very helpful for you in preventing asthma attacks and also help in improving the functions of lungs.

For example, coffee is very useful in treating the asthma attacks and provides better breathing. This is because caffeine is a product which is very similar to theophylline, an asthma medicine.

Some important tips in maintaining good asthma diet:

  • Fresh fruits play an important role in asthma diet. Fruits with anti oxidant nutrients are useful for you in fighting against the harmful pollution. Fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin E are very beneficial for proper functioning of lungs and other respiratory organs.
  • Green vegetables are rich in bio-flavonoids, which are very helpful in reducing the harmful allergens in your body. Quercetin is protein which is very beneficial for your lung, is mainly found in onions and apples.
  • Try to use pure olive oil for dressing your green salads and try to avoid sunflower or safflower oil.
  • Try to include moderate amounts of garlic and onions in your regular diet. These substances are helpful in reducing the free radicals, which are responsible for asthma and also acts like an anti oxidant for your body.
  • Reduce the intake of salt. Try other natural spices like fenugreek, coriander, basil and oregano. These spices have anti oxidant properties and reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals in your lungs.

Essential foods to avoid:

  • Dairy products and milk are more responsible for increasing the risk of asthmatic symptoms in you. So try to avoid them.
  • Always avoid mucous forming foods like chocolates and baked foods like cakes, bread and also white flour. These foods mainly increase the risks of respiratory allergies like asthma.


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