Unlocking Garlics Potential

One of garlics nicknames is the stinking rose. Besides fighting off vampires, battling infections and deliciously seasoning food, this highly esteemed herb may also protect you against developing certain cancers.

Edible Jack of All Trades

Hippocrates proclamation let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food couldn’t be more apt than when looking at garlics dizzying array of uses as a cooking and flavouring agent as well as a medicinal plant. One present-day relevant benefit of garlic is its ability to treat infections that have become antibiotic-resistant. It’s also delicious sautéed with olive oil and served with linguine.

unlocking garlics potential


According to Doctor Graham, garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. Certainly centuries of folklore has put garlic at the top of the list as a remedy for any number of ailments from haemorrhoids to viral infections. 

Let’s Talk Skin

Call it natures Proactiv. Slicing a raw fresh garlic clove and pressing it to your face can help lessen the visually unappealing aspects of pimples and inflammation non-chemically (if pungently).

As Above, So Below

Garlics power as an antifungal has been applied worldwide to treat yeast infections. It’s a bit jarring to realize gynaecological self-care is as close as your supermarkets produce aisle; then again, maybe not

Lower, Lower and All Over

Garlic anti fungal properties work to treat athlete’s foot and other skin conditions like psoriasis. In the case of psoriasis, compounds in garlic react with Omega 3 in the skin. It’s also available in supplement form.

Follicle Loss Prevention

If shedding hair is a concern for you, massaging your scalp with garlic oil is believed by some to stimulate hair growth.

Vanquisher of Bugs

Garlic oil spray will repel many insects off the plants in your yard, and it’s a good organic choice for lawn insect control.

For Some, a Digestion Aid

Garlic promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut and kills the unhealthy kind. The sulphur in garlic relieves gas for some people and causes it for others. However, it’s thought that eating garlic regularly may alleviate the issue by allowing it to take effect and maintain healthy intestines.

Eating Spicy Keeps It Spicy

Garlic, once it’s off your breath, is well known for its aphrodisiac properties since before B.C. became A.D. Garlic enhances circulation, which can (if you’ll pardon the expression) pump up a man’s sexual endurance.

Look, It Doesn’t Taste Any Worse Than Some of the Commercially Available Kinds

Garlic as cough syrup? Yes. Steeping garlic, draining it and then drinking it as a tea can lessen inflammation and cut mucus. It’s likely you’ll want something to soften the taste here; ginger and honey practically beg to be added to this one.

Snack as Bodyguard

Eating a few raw garlic cloves during cold and flu season may help prevent you from being Mr Rhinovirus latest target.

Cloves in Your First Aid Kit

Placing a piece of garlic over a splinter too deep for you to remove and covering it with a bandage should draw the splinter to the surface. Give it at least a few hours to do its work.

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