Yoga Poses To Take Control Over Asthma And Bronchitis!

Yoga for asthmaYoga can be beneficial to all age people.

Yoga can help in reducing stress, curing circulatory disorders and respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

Asthma is a respiratory problem that involves narrowing of your bronchial tubes.

When bronchial tubes narrow, difficulty in breathing takes place.

Bronchitis can occur with severe infection of lungs and bronchial tubes.

Bronchitis can make bronchial tubes swollen with viral or bacterial infection.

Yoga poses includes relaxation and breathing techniques, which helps in keeping your mind and emotions in control. Once your mind and emotions are controlled, you can feel relaxed and can breathe easily.

Working of lungs will become better with yoga poses. Your airflow can be enhanced during asthma attacks.

Yoga can reduce the symptoms of asthma, improve tolerance of exercise, decrease the use of medications and enhance peak flow.

Yoga poses (techniques) to take control over bronchitis and asthma:

Easy pose:

This pose is generally performed after corpse pose. This pose helps to straighten the spine, slow down the metabolism, keep your mind still and promote inner peace. To perform this pose, sit on the floor by bending your knees.

Knees should be pressed towards your chest and arms should be clasped around them. Spine should be kept straight. Next, legs should be crossed by releasing your arms.

Allow your knees to fall on the floor. Remember to put your head and back straight while performing the pose.

Mountain pose:

This pose helps in promoting spine balance, which aids in proper breathing. To start, stand by keeping your back straight. Keep your arms in the sides with palms facing inwards. Both your feet should touch from heel to toe.

By maintaining firm position, the muscles should be flexed gently in your lower extremities. Weight should be distributed equally in both feet. Buttocks should be lifted off from the legs, back should be arched, and stomach should be pushed forward by slanting your head back.

Corpse pose:

The corpse pose is a relaxation pose practiced between asanas or as a last relaxation. You will feel it simple, but it is hard to perform. Mind and body will be relaxed and refreshed with this pose. Lie down on your back and keep your arms by the sides.

Palms should be facing upwards. Take deep breathe from your nose until the completion of pose. When you perform this exercise, legs should be kept together and straight. The pose should be held for ten minutes and then relax.

When you practice yoga poses consistently, it can lower the occurrence of asthma attacks by enhancing the stamina and capacity of lungs.



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