Exposing The Baby To Pets May Prevent Future Allergies

When my son married his childhood sweetheart, it was something that all of us were looking forward to – a baby.

Because my son and his wife were so attached to us, they were quite against the thought of living away from us – let alone just a few blocks away.

Due to this, we were part and parcel of another life growing in our midst. We soon found out that this boy was quite strong and healthy for his age, and sometimes he even fought a flu that was all around the house or at least was affecting everyone of his age.

Of course, his father kept it to the strong genes that we all have, but his mother knew better. It was only during a coffee conversation that we found out about the benefits of exposing the baby to a pet may prevent future pet allergies.

All of us have different constitutions and health aspects. These constitutions are at the weakest during our childhood, the strongest during our youth and once again the weakest during our old age.

Quite simply put, the constitution of an old man will be such that he will have the greater chances of catching flu as compared to the constitution of a young man. When we are babies, our constitutions are in the honing up stage.

This early growing up stage is a very critical stage of our lives, because our strengths and weaknesses depend on what we are exposed to and how we lead our lives when we are very young.

Previously, it was considered that babies should not be exposed to pets, because pets are full of allergens and allergies that may cause a lasting effect on the baby.[pet dander]

However, new evidence shows that exposing the babies to such allergies early in their lives helps the body to build defenses against various medical situations like asthma attacks and various other allergies.  Therefore, it can be said that exposing the baby to pet interaction may prevent future allergy.

Whether a person is allergic or not allergic to something depends on the immune system. The immune system is the most important aspect of the human body, because it is the immune system that first defends us against any kind of viral and other illnesses. If we have a weak immune system, we are more prone to have illnesses and diseases.

Growing up with pets, especially cats and dogs ensures that the immune system has the proper kind of work out that it requires before it actually begins to come into effect.

Therefore, if the babies are exposed to pets within the first two years of their lives, they may have a stronger immune system as compared to the other babies.

One school of thought is that houses that rear pets, like cats and dogs have more bacteria as compared to houses that do not have pets. If the bacteria component increases, it is known as endotoxin.  Recent studies have suggested that if a young immune system is exposed to endotoxin, it grows in such a way that it can fight against various allergies better than other immune systems.

The studies have also shown that the immune system is more benefited if there are two pets in the house. However, one should understand that just because a baby may have a stronger immune system if they are around pets, it is not suggested that the pet should be present at all times near the baby or in the house. The best suggested timeframe is an hour before bedtime and an hour after as soon as the baby has woken up.

The aforementioned is scientific research that has been carried out over a period of time, which seems to prove that exposing a baby to pet may prevent future allergy.



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