Allergic To Chocolate? How To Find Out?

According to this article put together by Health and Fitness Report about chocolate allergy, we are told to pay attention to the other ingredients of the chocolate consumed.

It is stressed that the ingredients of any chocolate consumed should be checked to see whether it is the chocolate itself that is causing the allergy or whether it is other items such as the sweetener, milk, nuts, berries, caffeine, soy or wheat that could be the culprit.

Some of the common chocolate allergy symptoms are:

  • A sharp headache may be experienced soon after consuming chocolate
  • Breathing problems may be experienced (this is particularly true for those that have asthma as well)
  • Heartburn is another symptom
  • Nausea may also be experienced
  • Itchiness in certain areas could be a symptom
  • Some people experience cold like symptoms such as a runny nose
  • Skin rashes could also be experienced


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