Allergic To Tomatoes? Here Are Some Tips That May Help

tomatoesIf you are allergic to tomatoes, there is indeed a lot in life that is out of bounds for you.

So then one is always on the lookout for the kind of foods that are tasty yet do not contain tomatoes.[food allergy]

Here are some tomato – less food solutions for you:

  • When cooking pasta, pesto is a delicious sauce to add, which contains no tomatoes.
  • Another Italian sauce that contains no tomato is Marsala and which tastes excellent when paired with chicken.
  • If it isn’t flavorful or rich sauces that you are looking for, just top up that penne with some delicious and heart healthy extra virgin olive oil combined with some freshly chopped herbs (basil or oregano work very well here) and salt.
  • If you are looking for something completely different to add variety and flavor to your diet, try coconut milk. The thing that forms the base for a lot of Asian curries could make for an exciting culinary experience.
  • Tomatoes add not only flavor but color and bulk to a dish. A good source of color and substance to a dish could be bell peppers, particularly red bell peppers.

So go ahead and get creative; make sure that the absence of tomatoes on your plate is not so noticeable.



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