Allergy Sufferers Should Steer Clear of Certain Probiotics

The Canadian health regulatory authority recalled certain probiotic natural health drinks because of traces of certain ingredients that are not listed on the ingredients label which could be possible allergens.

probioticsProbiotics are the naturally occurring gut bacteria, which when deplete in the human digestive system, can be replenished by probiotic products that are available on the market.

These are developed into powder or pill form by deriving them from milk or soy. In the process, most of the nutrient solution is extracted, however some traces of this could remain and which could result in an allergic reaction among those who are severely allergic.

For those who are very sensitive, the symptoms include breathing difficulties and other extreme symptoms which may even be life threatening.

However it is also known that gut bacteria can help protect against allergy and autoimmunity. Research is going on on the subject and researchers are hopeful that studies into the way that these microbes work could help develop treatments relating to the prevention and treatment of a number of immune related disorders.

It has been seen that when some of these cells are missing from the system, the body tends to produce an excessive immune response, and the body may have trouble controlling this.



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