Are You Allergic To Food Additives? Try To Stay Away From These Colors!

food additivesIn your daily routine, it is quite common for you to come across various kinds of food additives including preservatives, antioxidants, food colorings, emulsifiers and also artificial sweeteners.

Most of these food additives doesn’t cause any harm to your body. But, there are certain toxic and also carcinogenic agents which are quite susceptible to cause variety of allergenic reactions in your body.

Since most of the allergic reactions to food additives are not diagnosed properly, the appropriate rate of reactions is not exactly known.

However, many studies have estimated that the rate is possibly less than 1% in adults and 2% in children.

If you are allergic to any kind of food additives whenever your body immune system is exposed to these allergic triggers, it can cause variety of reactions in your body. These symptoms can range from a simple skin rash to life threatening illness.

So, if you are really allergic to any kind of food additives, then it becomes very essential for you to stay away from all those triggers of allergy.

Certain food colorings which are quite potential to cause allergic reactions!

Tartrazine: This yellow color food additive is mainly suspected to cause many allergic reactions including asthma, hives and various other kinds of illnesses in your body. Recent studies have found that this tartrazine plays a vital role in worsening the condition of atopic dermatitis.

Carmine: Carmine adds red color to the food and it is mainly extracted from a dried insect named Dactylopius Coccus Costa, which is easily found on spiny pear cactus plant. The red color extracted from the insect is also used in preparation of various cosmetics, red yogurt and even in certain drinks. Any reaction to this carmine possibly produces various allergic antibodies in your body.

Saffron: This kind of yellow color food coloring is mainly obtained from the follower called crocus stavia plant and it has been repeatedly reported that this saffron is mainly responsible for causing anaphylaxis, if reacts adversely.

Annatto: It is a yellow color food coloring particularly made from the seeds of a South American tree called bixia orenella. Any person allergic to this food coloring mainly suffers with anaphylaxis and also with hives.

Many other food colorings which can cause very less yet many adverse reactions mainly include sunset yellow, quinoline yellow, amaranth and also erythrosine.

So, if you are confirmed with any kind of allergies with these food additives, stay away from all these triggers of allergy. This is the best method to avoid various adverse health conditions.



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