Discover The Foods That Cause Oral Allergy Syndrome!

Oral Allergy SyndromeHave you ever experienced any itching or tingling sensation after biting banana or peach?

Experiencing itching of lips, tongue or throat immediately after eating certain kind of foods is the most common sign of having oral allergy syndrome.

This kind of food allergy is most commonly seen in hay fever sufferers and it is mainly caused whenever you are in contact with certain foods to which you are truly allergic.

Oral allergy syndrome is mainly caused whenever there is cross-connectivity between proteins present in fruits and vegetables and the pollen.

The proteins responsible for oral allergy syndrome are easily broken down while cooking or processing of vegetables or fruits. So, this oral allergy syndrome eventually doesn’t occur with cooked or baked foods.

Most of you with oral allergy syndrome can identify the allergy with certain symptoms which can include itching, occasional swelling of lips, tongue, and also throat, whenever certain kinds of fruits and vegetables are touched. These symptoms usually last from few seconds to minutes and very rarely they can lead to more serious health conditions.

However, certain recent studies have estimated that up to 9% of total population with oral allergy syndrome can experience the most severe symptoms of food allergy and almost 2% can suffer with anaphylaxis. Nearly 70% of people having pollen allergy are highly prone to oral allergy syndrome.

How certain kinds of foods are associated with pollen?

These are certain fruit-pollen associations, which are commonly seen in people with oral allergy syndrome.

Ragweed: If you have ragweed pollen allergy, then you can experience the symptoms of this kind of food allergy, when ever you take certain foods like cucumber, chamomile tea, water melon, honey dew, zucchini etc.

Birch tree: People with birch tree allergy can experience symptoms of OAS, whenever they eat apples, peaches, cherries, and kiwi fruit or almonds. Even potatoes, carrots, plums, parsnip, apricots are also responsible for the irritation in your mouth.

Certain grasses like tomatoes also has quite potential to develop the symptoms of oral allergy syndrome.

As there is a very small chance of severe reaction, avoiding the fruits which are causing allergy would be better. Mostly, many people avoid those suspected foods responsible for oral allergy syndrome, as they feel more uncomfortable with the symptoms. It is often believed that these suspected fruits and vegetables can be tolerated well, if you take them in cooked or processed form.



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