Food Restrictions if you have Egg Allergy

There are many people who suffer from egg allergy, which is a type of food allergy and hypersensitivity to egg whites or yolk. Many studies revealed that just after milk allergy, this is the second most prevalent type of food allergy faced by children.

The first step towards prevention is diet restriction and you should definitely avoid eating egg as your immune system does not behave normally when you do so. The proteins in the egg does not suit your body and when your immunity system identifies the presence of egg protein within the body, it secrets hormones to fight off those proteins as they are harmful for your body.

egg allergy

This battle between the egg proteins and your immunity system is evident in the form of allergies on your body. However if you know in advance that you have egg allergy then you should definitely avoid egg and egg proteins.

Foods you must Avoid

If you suffer from egg allergy, you will definitely avoid taking egg in any form. However apart from this, you should also avoid every food item which has egg as one of its ingredients. You will have to keep track of the list of ingredients on everything that you buy.

Most of the food packages available in the market specifically define whether they have egg content or not. If you find any egg content in the product, you should definitely avoid taking it. Some of the food items that you should avoid in case of egg allergies include:


This might sound weird but if you check the ingredient list for breads, most of them have eggs in it especially the glazed breads. So the next time you are buying bread, don’t forget to check whether it is egg free or not.


Most of the English desserts contain egg. Be it the chocolate muffins or your favorite cheese cake, most of them have eggs in it. So before taking any kind of dessert, you should not forget to check whether it has egg or not.

Ice cream, Pudding, Custard

Although dairy products are considered as a safe bet for people with egg allergies but the products made out of these dairy products usually contain either the egg white or whole egg. Thus you should definitely avoid eating such products.

People with egg allergies have to go through a lot of trouble because egg is a major ingredient for many of the dishes and also for many products available in the market. Not taking egg in its original form only will not keep you safe from the allergy but you must take additional preventive measures as well.

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