Food Allergies Continue To Baffle, Though Low Allergy Peanut May Hold Hope

A steady rise in the numbers that suffer from food allergies, has been noted; however doctors are no closer to understanding why some people have allergies and why some are so severe as to be life threatening.

The other thing that limits medical understanding of allergies is the fact that there is really no way to make a diagnosis save actually feeding the person the thing that they are suspected to be allergic to. This is an approach inherently risky and therefore far from ideal.

The hygiene hypothesis has been cited as being the most common probable cause, seeing how less advanced nations have few or no instances of food allergies.

Meanwhile good news may be on the anvil for those who have peanut allergies: a low allergy peanut may soon be available according to American scientists.

Some strains of peanut have already been developed that are low in compounds known to cause allergic reactions.

Scientists are hoping to improve on those strains by eliminating even more of the allergy causing compounds which could result in reactions ranging from mild to severe rashes to life threatening conditions such as anaphylactic shock.

People may be allergic to the actual nut, oil made from it and other products that may contain even traces of peanut.



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