A List of Foods that can cause Allergies

A food allergy is caused when your immune system reacts differently and abnormally after you eat or drink something. Millions of people all around the world suffer from different food allergies and the symptoms varies from mild to severe.

Children are most likely to experience food allergies. It is not that common in adults as they learn with time what does not suit their immune system and tend to avoid eating them.

list of foods that can cause allergies

Below given are the eight most common allergy causing food:

  1. Eggs
  2. Cow’s milk
  3. Shellfish like crab, lobsters, shrimps etc.
  4. Peanuts
  5. Fish
  6. Tree nuts like almonds, hazelnut, walnuts etc.
  7. Wheat and
  8. Soy

Let’s have a look at few of them in details:


This is common in children and gets resolved at a young age. However, you can have allergy to egg for your entire life. You may be allergic to the proteins present either in egg while or in the yolk or both.

You can be allergic to either the yolk of the egg or the egg white or both.

Cow’s Milk

Some people are allergic to proteins found in cow’s milk viz. casein and whey. Lactose intolerance is different. Children who have allergy to cow’s milk are likely to have the same for eggs, peanuts and soy.

Children who have milk allergies usually develop one or more atopic diseases like eczema, asthma etc.


Children who suffer from peanut allergy do not usually grow out of this sensitivity. This is basically a lifelong disorder and for this fact, peanut allergy is considered to be serious. Peanut allergy can lead to anaphylaxis in rare cases as well. Anaphylaxis needs emergency medical care as such an allergic reaction can even cause cardiac arrest.

Very little is known about the other allergies except about the fact that most of the others are lifelong disorders.

Many people also have allergy to different cereals like wheat, oats, maize etc though this is uncommon. Coconut allergy is also uncommon though person suffering from it can have severe reactions. Some people are also allergic to specific fruits and vegetables though the symptoms in this case are not very serious and causes itching and rashes.

Such people are also allergic to pollens. Certain allergens present in fruits and vegetables are destroyed when cooked and other fruits like tomatoes can cause allergic reactions as they ripe. Allergy can be caused by lentils as well.


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