Food Intolerance And Food Allergies Are Not The Same

food allergyFood intolerance is universally widespread and affects a great number of people, causing nausea or even allergies.

These symptoms occur when the body is unable to appropriately digest specific types of food, notably dairy products, which are the most common to food intolerance.

Some people are born with these intolerances, commonly to lactose, while others develop them with age or during specific periods of life.

Common symptoms that occur when specific foods are not properly digested are bloating sensations followed by abdominal pain, nausea, throat irritation and diarrhoea.

Sometimes intolerance to food types and allergies can set off similar symptoms, though generally the reaction is more severe in allergies, with additional signs such as vomiting, swelling of the throat and lips and wheezing.

Symptoms usually appear immediately after having eaten the detrimental food type and the consequences can be very serious, it is therefore important to contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Any person, who has these above-mentioned signs, must determine whether they are caused by an allergy to the food type or merely intolerance.

An allergy test is therefore necessary in order to ascertain which food is causing the reactions, and if indeed there is an allergy.

Once the food type that is causing these symptoms has been detected, it must be avoided. Some food products may contain hidden quantities of the harmful food type, it is therefore important to check the ingredients of each food product consumed.



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