Helping You Live With Corn Allergies

corn allergy1Corn is a vegetable that can come in numerous forms. It has been around for thousands of years.

Corn originally came from teosinte, which is a wild grass, in Mexico. The Indians once ate a lot of corn as a staple to their diets.

People say that corn was there on the first Thanksgiving.

There is nothing like a hot piece of corn, with fresh country butter on it, as a side dish.

Corn may be the one vegetable that you really love, but you are allergic to it. Living a life with a corn allergy is no fun, but it can be manageable with the right information.

Allergic Reactions

If you are allergic to corn then you may suffer from one or more symptoms. You may have an asthma attack if you are allergic to corn. This will surface in shortness of breath when you eat something that has corn present in it.

Other symptoms that will occur are a headache that you feel coming on, and a rash starting to form on your body. Swelling in your throat, anaphylaxis, and a drop in your blood pressure are also signs that you are allergic to corn.

Products Contain Corn

So many products contain corn. It is in various aspects of foods as a byproduct. Make sure to read food labels of food products carefully to make sure you do not eat any corn.

Corn byproducts actually are in foods that you would never have thought. Some of these foods are processed meats, salt, and spaghetti sauces.

You will need to avoid products that have ingredients that have the name dextrin and its derivatives in them. These products usually contain corn.

It is a terrible thing that you will need to take products out of your diet that have corn in them. Products include corn chips, corn sugar, and of course cornmeal to name a few.

Non-Food Items of Corn

Products that are not food items can have corn in them. That medication that you take daily may give you an allergic reaction. Some medications could have syrups made with corn and cornstarch in them.

Being pretty and keeping clean could also become a problem if you are allergic to corn. Corn is a byproduct of makeup and beauty products. You would not think it but even plastic wrap and paper products have a corn oil seal on them.

Not to mention those postage stamps and envelopes that you lick all the time, they all have corn incorporated in them. It is amazing where you can find corn by products.

Staying Safe

If it has been determined that you do have a corn allergy, you will want to get an emergency bracelet to let emergency personal know in case you get ill. This bracelet is a good thing to have if you are so ill that you cannot talk.

Your bracelet will be able to speak for you. You will not want medical professionals to put an IV in your arm that contains any form of corn.

You need to equip yourself with correct information and do your best to avoid all corn products.



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