Kids With Food Allergies Should Carry Two EpiPens

The EpiPen can literally be a life saver for those with food allergies as many will testify. The EpiPen is a device that contains a self injectible dose of epinephrine which can arrest the severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis that can be carried about by a person with severe food allergies or by parents who have children with such allergies.

Anaphylaxis symptoms include difficulty in breathing, stomach problems and low blood pressure. It is now recommended by Dr. Susan Rudders of Children’s Hospital Boston based on a review of more than a thousand medical charts that not one but two EpiPens ought to be carried around by children because in a lot of cases, a second dose is required to be given.

epipenThe medical review found that in 12% of cases, the children were required to be given a second dose of Epinephrine and for that reason the precaution of carrying two EpiPens and not just one has been recommended.

The review carried out also found that emergency room guidelines were not always being followed and rather than epinephrine, which ought to be prescribed, it was antihistamines and corticosteroids that were being prescribed.

Source: WebMD



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