Know More About Most Common Food Allergies And Necessary Steps To Control!

Food AllergiesAre you worried about food allergies? Food allergies need special diet to follow and this food allergy diet mainly do not include the allergens which are responsible in causing harm to your immune system.

Most of you might not be aware that you have food allergy.

It is not easy to analyze, particularly if the allergic reactions are not apparent before. If you exceed tolerable levels of the food to which you are allergic, then there are chances for the signs and symptoms of allergy to appear.

How can food allergies cause harm to you?

When you have food allergy, the immune system of your body generates anti bodies to fight against the food allergens, which are responsible for food allergy.

When ever you eat the food which is allergic to you or even if you inhale those particular food particles, certain chemicals like histamine are released from your body to protect your body cells and organs from those allergens.

The main characteristics of food allergy manifestations are abdominal pain, itchy skin rashes, running nose, wheezing, and also itchiness in throat and lips. In some rare cases, these allergic symptoms can distress your cardiovascular system and respiratory system.

Food allergy diet – Necessary steps to control food allergy:

If you have told that you are allergic to wheat, milk, chicken, egg, soy, corn etc. the most common question, rises in your mind is, what is left to eat? It may seem as if all the foods are eliminated. But the fact is there are many foods which we ignore in our daily routine.

There are certain special diets for you, if you have food allergy. These special diets do not contain any harmful allergens which can react adversely on your body.

Some of the important food allergies and the respective diet to be followed are given here, try to follow this food allergy diet and get relieved from allergic reactions.

  • Milk food allergy diet: If you are allergic to milk, then you need to eliminate all the dairy products which contain milk. It is a good source for vitamin D and calcium, so you need to replace it with other sources of calcium and vitamin D products like spinach, broccoli and also all the soy products. You can also use rice, almonds and also soy milk instead of cow’s milk. [Milk Allergy]
  • Egg allergy diet: Egg allergies are more common in infants and young children. So try to eliminate all the egg products. Some of egg alternatives contain egg white which is also allergic. So try to check the labels before using. [Egg Allergy]
  • Tree nuts allergy diet: If you are allergic with tree nuts, then you must avoid all the ingredients made with tree nuts. Some of the lotions, moisturizing creams and shampoos are made with tree nuts. So try to avoid those products.
  • Fish allergy diet: In this type of food allergy diet, you must avoid all the fish foods. Species of fishes are different but they contain similar proteins. It is also not advisable for you to visit sea food restaurants.
  • Peanut allergy diet: Peanut allergy is one of the most critical and potentially severe among all kinds of allergies. In this type of food allergy diet, you need to completely avoid the peanut products like baked and ethnic foods and also candies.


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