Many People Do Not Realize That They Have An Allergy

allergiesA large percentage of children and adults suffer from diverse forms of allergy in Britain, children being more susceptible to allergies than adults.

Allergies can give diverse symptoms from more serious ones such as anaphylaxis shock, which occurs after eating peanuts to migraines due to dairy products.

Some symptoms can also be less disturbing, so much so that it takes some time for people to even realise they do have an allergy to that substance. These symptoms can range from headaches, fatigue, bloating as well as depression.

Dairy products, eggs, chocolate, yeast and gluten are the most common allergy foods, although you cannot be sure these are responsible for your unpleasant symptoms until you have been tested.

There are ways to determine whether you are allergic to certain foods, by purchasing a specially conceived test, which will indicate your allergy levels, it is quite simple to use at home.

It is sent through the mail and all you need to do is prick your fingers for blood samples and follow the instructions, and then send it back, you will have your results after a few days sent to your home.

Some people will be surprised with the results, though you may be convinced you are allergic to some food products, you might be allergic to others you did not suspect.

Once you have found the food you are allergic to, you can plan a diet which excludes these elements, by contacting a nutritionist, you will soon notice the difference and your overall health will benefit from the new regimen.



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