Peanut Allergy Breakthrough

peanut allergyWith over three million American citizens allergic to peanuts, it is a relief to know that health researchers have some good news to report.

At a recent meeting, participants were told that the results of trials on a small but significant amount of child sufferers have produced some positive results.

The therapy works by gradually building up the body’s tolerance to it’s own particular allergy by the test subject exposing themselves to an increasing level of, in this case, peanut flour. [Allergy Test]

By testing the participants blood, researchers have discovered that the immune system begins to ignore the substance rather than reacting negatively against it. This is seen as a major breakthrough by the Duke University who are carrying out this research.

Only a small minority of children will ever outgrow their allergy to walnuts, tree nuts or most commonly peanuts. For the majority, they face a lifetime of precautionary measures that can hit a youngster very hard.

In a further trial set up by Wesley Burks and his Duke team, a sample of ten children, were blindly given either placebo or peanut flour.

The subjects after twelve months showed interesting results with those receiving peanut flour able to tolerate a larger amount of actual peanuts than those who didn’t.

Every year people die because of eating peanuts, a full half of the countries total deaths from food allergies. It is increasingly difficult for sufferers to recognize what is actually in the food that they are consuming. This new research gives a lot of hope to a lot of people.



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