Peanut Allergy On The Rise In Kids, Studies Suggest

Two new studies have indicated that as many as 1 to 2% of kids in the United States and Canada may be allergic to tree nuts and peanuts and that this rate is actually increasing.

peanutsThough 1 to 2percent may seem like a low percentage, these nut allergies (chief among them being almond and walnut) can sometimes cause very severe and even life threatening allergic reactions, and they may be on the rise, according to recent research.

The study that was conducted in the United States indicated that 1.4% of children below the age of 18 in US households had nut allergies. This proportion is three times as much as the 1997 survey. Whereas in 1997 only .2% of kids had tree nut allergies, now that rate is up to 1%.

These allergies are considered to be ‘probable’ allergies, which base themselves on parents reporting a history of allergy with convincing symptoms such as hives, rashes, swelling, and/or wheezing within 2 hours of having eaten the suspected substance, and also having a doctor diagnose the problem.

So while the studies may not indicate ‘confirmed’ allergies, and only ‘probable’ allergies, the numbers are still significant.



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