Precautions To Take While Dining Out If You Have Food Allergies!

Food allergiesFood allergies are one of the most challenging allergies you have to deal with.

Many people prefer to dine out at some time or other.When you want to dine out, it will be frustrating for you if you have food allergies.

You have to take precautions while dining out for keeping yourself away from food allergies.

Avoid places that cause food allergy:

Bakeries: You will find baked goods all in one place that are kept next to each other. When foods are placed in such environment, spread of allergens from one food to another takes place. In bakeries, utensils and tongs are frequently reused.

Buffets: In buffet systems, foods are kept in dishes very close such that allergens can spread from one dish or utensil to another.

Restaurants that can create risks: Depending on the type of allergy, you can simply remove some restaurants from your list. If you are allergic to sea foods, you can simply avoid sea food restaurants. If you are allergic to nuts or peanuts, then you should avoid Asian restaurants as most Asian recipes include nuts.

You can feel uncomfortable to make special request at the outside places like restaurants and bakeries. Before going to dine out, it is better to select a restaurant or bakery by taking advice of the people who have food allergies. They can recommend a place where you can be free of allergies.

You can make a call to that place and ask whether they can accommodate the food with special requests. You can check the menu in advance so that you can communicate with restaurant staff and chef to make those special requests, although it may not be possible always.

Communicate about your allergies:

If you can’t talk to the chef before arriving to the restaurant, you can tell to the server before placing the order. The server can discuss with chef and other cooking staff so that all can work together to determine what to eat.

If the server does not show interest about your food allergies, you can talk to chef. If there is no response from chef also, better leave that place.

Prepare a chef card:

It is better to prepare a chef card to make sure that the chef is aware of your food allergies. A card, on which special request cooking methods and what you are allergic to are written, is referred as chef card. The card also lists out the ingredients that you are allergic to. It also lists to avoid utensils and dishes for avoiding cross contamination.

Chef cards cannot replace careful planning by asking questions when you are ordering food in the restaurant. They can help to make your food safer. Planning ahead to dine out can keep you safe from food allergies.



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