Preparing Your Child To Enter The World With Food Allergies

child food allergyIf you are the parent of a child with extreme food allergies, then you no doubt are concerned for their well being every time they step out the door!

As parents we tend to imagine the worse when our child is not in our direct care — especially if they suffer from extreme food allergies!

However, we must be careful not to push our own fears of our child’s allergies onto them.

At the same time, we need to be certain that our child understands how important it is to be watchful of where they go and what they do, if they do in fact have an extreme food allergy.

Here are some good tips to pass down to your child to help them deal with their food allergies when they are not under your direct supervision[Treatment for food allergies]:

No Sharing Food: Teach your child to never accept food of any type from a friend!  Friends love to share food, but it is important to teach your child the dangers of them eating a product that they may be allergic to.

You should also talk to the parents of any child that your own child is with on a regular basis, along with school teachers and babysitters, so that they are all aware of the situation and can help your child in making the right choices.

Medical Alert Information: If your child has an extreme food allergy, encourage them to always wear medical alert information at all times.

Information And Knowledge: Begin teaching your child how to read labels on food products so that they can teach themselves what they can and can’t eat. This is a great way to let your child get involved and will teach them proper behaviors for the future.

Explain Their Affliction: Explain to your child that their food allergy is not their fault. Many children feel that if they can’t eat the same things that their friends eat that they won’t fit in.

You need to have serious talks with your child about this in order to prevent them from testing themselves and giving into peer pressure and eating something that their body can’t handle.

Open dialogue and discussion with your child about their food allergies is the key to success!



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