Side Effects of Food Allergies in Children

Food allergies refer to the adverse response from the human immune system to a certain food protein. These allergies are distinct from other adverse responses to food like intolerance, toxic-mediated reactions etc. because latter do not involve the immune system. The fact that an adverse reaction fromour immune system causes them implies that there can be many side effects to the food allergies. Children are in a more fragile state in comparison to a full grown adult and hence the side effects of food allergies in children can be said to be more severe and multiple in number.

Food Allergies in Children

Based on the body system of different children, the foods that cause the food allergies will also differ. But there are certain food items which children are found more allergic to than the others.  The side effects as a result of the food allergies in children include the following:

  • Milk products are said to be a cause of food allergies in a lot of children. As a side effect to this particular food allergy the child will not get adequate nutrition from milk and other milk products. This lack of nutrition hinders the growth of the child.
  • Many food allergies leave the patient with an itchy skin as a side effect. The child may also have multiple skin rashes as a result of the allergies, but they are soon resolved once the allergy medicines start working.
  • Many children suffer with dizziness and other forms of light headiness as a side effect to thefood allergies. Such effects can be countered with the allergy medicines only.
  • It has been observed in medical studies that children with two or more than two food allergies haveside effects in terms of their overall growth and nutritional state. To avoid such nutritional/ other deficiencies the children should be provided with appropriate substitutes to the food proteins.
  • The food allergies may leave multiple side effects to the respiratory system of the children. Some of these side effects include heavy/ induced breathing, congestion in the airways and wheezing. Theseside effects may lead to long run effects depending on the severity of the effects to the system.
  • The allergies also affect the cardiovascular system of the children. The cardio system may suffer theside effects which become most severe during the allergies reaction and can be suppressed with help of medicines. The side effects of the food allergies are nonetheless harmful.


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