Soy Allergy – What You Should Know

Those that suffer from soy allergies would know that allergic reactions to soy could range from the mild (itching, hives, canker sores) to not so mild (including stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea) to severe (which may even include anaphylaxis, low blood pressure and lightheadedness).

What some soy allergy sufferers may not know is that soy can be an additive to a number of food items that would on the face of it seem to contain no soy.

Since soy is a cheap alternative to some other ingredients that may push up the cost of a product, some manufacturers prefer to use soy than other alternatives.

According to one estimate, as much as 98% of all bread related produce may have soy in them. There are several herbal teas also that have added soy.

Sometimes peanut butter may contain soy oil since peanut oil is extracted from it first and then replaced with a vegetable substitute that may contain soy.

Another problem that some soy allergy sufferers may face is the fact that soy content is often not mentioned on the ingredients label of a product.

This is because it may be in small quantities and the manufacturer is therefore not bound to put that on the package. This may therefore be misleading and could inflict a terrible reaction to an unsuspecting sufferer.



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