Summer Camp And Food Allergies

campCan you safely send your child away for a week of Summer Camp if they suffer from food allergies?

The answer is: Yes! Over the years Summer Camps have worked hand in hand with parents and national organizations such as the American Camping Association, to assure that they can provide a safe environment for children with food allergies.

However, there are some specific steps that you have to take to make sure that your child stays safe and healthy while away at camp.

Step To Take To Protect Your Child At Summer Camp

First and foremost, speak with Summer Camp Director about your child’s food allergies. Most camps don’t allow their kitchens to cook with common products that carry any form of nut or nut extract due to so many peanut allergies amongst children.

You will then want to provide the Summer Camp Director with the specifics of your child’s food allergy. They will in turn pass this critical information on to the Camp Nurse and your child’s counselors.

Still, the day you bring your child to camp you will once again want to remind the Summer Camp Director, Camp Nurse, Camp Cook and your child’s counselors about your child’s allergies.

Taking it a step further you may want to ask that the counselors who will be watching over you child inspect the belongings of all the campers who will be staying in your child’s cabin just to make sure they did not bring any type of food with them, that could prove dangerous to your child.

Don’t feel embarrassed or overprotective by taking such actions and steps. Summer Camps are used to dealing with these types of concerns, and will do everything in their power to work with you to assure that your child will be safe and protected when it comes to their overall well-being and food allergies.



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