Traveling With Food Allergies

Whether you are traveling across the world for vacation or for work across the state, you need to be very vigilant on your diet, particularly if you suffer from a food allergy.

While it can be very difficult to travel with food allergies, it is not always possible to prevent food allergic reactions when you are traveling.

Fortunately, there are numerous tips and tricks to protect you from various reactions caused by food allergens. Here are a couple of ways to control food allergies while traveling:

  1. Make a list of food allergens that cause severe allergic reactions and carry it along with you as you travel. Whenever you eat out, show the list to the waiter and ask him to avoid including those particular allergic ingredients in your order.
  2. If you plan to eat on a plane, contact the concerned person in the airlines or the caterer and ask for necessary help. Most airlines offer special meals for those who suffer from food allergies.
  3. Plan ahead and pack your food items and other essentials. Should you not find safe food on your journey, at least you will be able to fill up with these snacks.
  4. Don’t prefer restaurants or any other eating places which specializes in food you are allergic to. Don’t sample any new dishes; unless and until you ensure that they don’t include potential food allergens.


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