Treatment For Peanut Allergy May Be In Offing

peanut allergyThose troubled by an allergy to peanuts may soon have reason to cheer. According to the report, a long term study is to be initiated, which may find a way to deal with peanut allergies, particularly among children.

The trial will start by offering 5 mg of peanut flour to allergy sufferers. This dosage will gradually be increased so that the body’s tolerance to the substance is built up in a gradual way.

While this may not eliminate the problem altogether it may improve the strength of the allergic reaction suffered, making it milder.  This gradual process of building up resistant to allergens is known as desensitization.

One hundred children between the ages seven and seventeen will be participating in the trial that will stretch over 3 years. It is important to understand that these will be controlled trials where several checks and balances will be put in place by researchers.

In the event this is not something that parents can try to do at home; this would be unsafe and tantamount to using their own kids as guinea pigs. This is a possible treatment which is being explored and parents are urged not to try this without medical supervision.

Source: examiner



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