Types of Food Allergy Testing

A food allergy is a kind of an allergy or reaction which is caused due to sensitivity to a particular food item. Some people have allergy from eating certain foods while some might have allergy from touching them or smelling them. There are many different kinds and types of food allergies, depending upon the reactions to different types of foods. There is no standard test or way to know or confirm a food allergybut the doctor is likely to do the following given different types of food allergy testing to check whether or not you are allergic to a given food or not:

Food Allergy Testing

  • Description of the Symptoms: in order to get your food allergy tested, you should be able to describe thesymptoms of the allergy to the doctor clearly. This may include describing what food items and in how much quantity causes a reaction in you. You might also need to describe if there is any family history of food allergies.
  • Skin Test: a test called skin prick test is often done by doctors to identify reaction to a particular item of food. In this test, a small amount of the probable food itemis put on the skin of the forearm or back of the patient and then the skin is pricked with a needle so that the amount of the food can enter surface beneath and skin. If the develops a raised bump, then you are allergic to the food.
  • Blood Test: a blood test is also a test which can identify a food allergy. It can measure the immune system’s response to a particular food by checking the amount of the antibodies of the allergy type. This is a commonly conducted test and proves to be very useful.
  • Oral Food Challenge: another test which is done to test various types of allergies caused by foods is the oral food challenge. In this particular test, the patient is given a small amount of the suspected food and you are tested for the allergy.
  • Elimination Diet: In this test, patients are asked to eliminate certain suspect food items from their diet for a few days so as to see whether eliminating those foods will ease the allergy or not.

Whenever you experience any kind of a food allergy, you must consult a doctor and get any of these tests done.



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