What Do Food Allergy Labels Really Mean?

New research urges you not to ignore the warning labels on food packaging, the sort that tell you “made in a facility that processes” (some particular food item you’re allergic to). You may think that the warning is insignificant, but it is really not so, and there is a small but significant, real risk that the labeling indicates.

food allergiesThe article speaks about a recently conducted study, the finding of which indicated that consumers should be heeding the label warning since products with these labels are in fact more likely to be contaminated with peanuts, milk or eggs than unlabeled foods.

401 foods were examined by the researchers, 228 of which displayed warnings on the labels that they could contain traces of peanuts, milk, or eggs. The remaining had no such labeling.

The researchers found that 5% foods with warning labels had traces of allergens, whereas only 2% foods without labels were seen to have traces of allergen.

Food allergies are very prevalent in the US: an estimated 2 percent of U.S. adults and 4 to 8 percent of kids have food allergies and these result in as many as 150 deaths a year.



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