How Canine Allergy Can Be Controlled? Hypoallergenic Canine Breeds With Lower Allergic Symptoms!

Canine AllergyAre you allergic to dogs or cats? Searching for hypoallergenic dog or cat breeds?

But the truth is there is no group of dog or cat breeds which are hypoallergenic.

You may be allergic to different things, sometimes it is the hair, sometimes it is saliva, and most often it is the dander.

Canine allergy is also called as dog allergy. It is due to the number of allergy provoking protein particles in their saliva and skin scales.

Canine allergy is common and the longer haired breeds which carry more skin scales provoke allergic reactions more frequently.

A canine’s lick may set off a severe allergic response as you breathing in the allergen particles.

There are some classes of canine breeds that are often recognized as hypoallergenic. These include:

  • Small canines
  • Canines with extremely short or no hair
  • Canines with human like hair
  • Canines with non-shedding hair

Small canines are probably hypoallergenic since there is less chance of them to shed and distribute allergens. Toy breeds come under this category.

Canines with little or no hair are good for some of you, since the amount of hair shed is much less. Some of the breeds which come under this category include basenjis, boxers, Chinese crested, shorthaired chihuahus, Mexican hairless, and whippets.

Canines with human like air generally have long silky hair that sheds minimally. There are limited canine allergy symptoms with this type of hair. Bichon fries, maltese, havanese, sliky and skye terries, and Yorkshire terries.

Canines with non shedding hair are especially good for canine allergy sufferers. Some of you can not tolerate these canines. If the dog’s hair doesn’t shed then there are less allergens released in the air, hence mild or no symptoms of canine allergy. Komondor, puli, and poodles come under this category.

Tips to control canine allergy:


If you are allergic then visit an allergist, he helps in determining exactly what it is that you are allergic to. With this you can plan how to reduce that particular set of allergens and hence you can get best results for your effort.

Sometimes your allergist may also suggest allergy shots if the symptoms of canine allergy are severe. He may give effective medications for controlling severe asthma attacks. [Dog allergy symptoms]

Air filters:

HEPA air filter is the most effective filter that can be recommended to reduce the allergens. Instead of HEPA filters since they are costly, you may also get a high efficiency filter for your central system. But you need to change them for every 2-4 weeks.

Measured solution:

If you have canine allergy, keeping your pet out of the bedroom will helps you greatly.

Some other applications:

Wash and groom your pet regularly. This will reduce the dander, saliva and shedding. If you bath your pet monthly in plain water you will experience relief.

Still if you want to keep a pet with you then you can consider any type of canine breeds that are listed above. Hence you will free from the symptoms of canine allergy.



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