How Common Are The Cat Allergies? Here Are The Prevention Steps To Get Relief!

Cat AllergyDo you love to keep cats? Then it is extremely common to acquire cat allergies.

Allergic to cat can also leave you feeling miserable. It is very immediate reaction if you already suffer from another type of allergy.

Most of you can not realize that you have cat allergies, so there is a greater chance to ignore taking the treatment and precautions.

The symptoms of cat allergy are often very similar to those of other allergies.

There is a greater possibility to say that the allergen is not cat because you still have the symptoms when you go to work.

What cause cat allergies?

The major cat allergen is fel d 1 which is found in cat saliva, dander from sebaceous glands in the skin, fur, and anal sebaceous glands. Some other cat allergens include albumin found in urine, blood and saliva.

How common are the cat allergies?

Cat allergies are very common and occur in up to 25 percent of people with allergies. According to the recent studies, between six and ten million people in the United States are allergic to cats or exhibit symptoms of cat allergies. Allergy to cats is more common than other pet allergies. [Treating Pet Allergy]

Are cat allergies a big problem?

The allergens from the cats are produced in large amounts, especially from a non-neutered adult male cat as the allergen is particularly under hormonal control. The dander from these cats is frequently sticky, airborne and even it can be found in the public places where there are no cats.

The reason for this is the dander can be carried by those who have cats then shed in public places. Hence the cat allergens become a component of house dust even when you don’t have cats.

The cat dander particles are extremely smaller in size hence they can be easily inhaled. Hence it triggers reactions such as allergic asthma, and some severe reactions.

How to own a cat if you have cat allergies?

You can keep the cat but you need to reduce those allergy symptoms. Here are some tips to reduce the symptoms of cat allergies.

  • Clean your cats frequently. By using the branded liquids you can reduce the cat allergens in the air.
  • Restrict your cats to only one area in your house. This is a most difficult thing but this helps to concentrate all the cat allergens to one area where you can air purifier to clean all allergens.
  • Use a high grade HEPA vacuum cleaner to clean cat allergen. Do this twice a week.
  • Wash all beddings in hot water. This helps to eliminate cat allergens and dust mite.
  • Use vapor steam cleaners. They may be extremely helpful in killing off the cat proteins and dander. It is a chemical free way to clean and kill the cat allergen, dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria.

If you follow these steps, you can keep cat even if you have cat allergies. You can use medications or natural treatment to relieve cat allergy symptoms.



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