How To Tell When Pet Dander Allergies Are Affecting You?

Pet DanderThe problem with having an allergy to pet dander may be that you don’t even realize that you are having allergies.

Many of the symptoms of pet dander allergies are very similar to the symptoms of a common cold, making many people think that they are merely feeling a little under the weather.

Learning how to tell the difference could be an important part of keeping your health strong.

Everything from sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose is common with pet dander allergies, along with developing a cough. You could easily think this was merely cold symptoms.

Developing a postnasal drip and facial pressure due to inflamed nasal passages could also come about from pet dander allergies, although one could have a slightly more serious cold and still suffer from these symptoms.

If your pet dander allergies cause asthma attacks to happen, this may be more severe and you should be able to figure out that the dander is causing these attacks.

If you are not prone to asthma, however, it may take you a lot longer to notice you are suffering allergies. If your cold-like symptoms last longer than a week, more than a traditional common cold should last, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to see if you have pet dander allergies, as they can help you combat this problem.


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  1. rosalie says:

    i have had a cough since dec 22nd. it flares up worse at night but then during the day i could start coughing and not stop. asthma possibly and allergies. never had asthma and allergies are few and far between. there feels like something is at the base of my throat. trouble breathing off and on too. my dr has tried proventil and it did nothing.

  2. I don’t like dogs at home – they’re giving me allergies! I found about it since grade school.

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