4 Most Common Myths Regarding Pet Allergies

Pet allergies are those kinds of allergies which result due to the presence of pets and the most common allergen in this case is animal dander.  It is true that pet allergies are very common and a lot of people show symptoms of pet allergies such as wheezing, sneezing, coughing, asthma etc., but most of us have several misconceptions about these allergies too.

pet allergies myths

The following are the 5 most common myths regarding pet allergies:

1. Hair Myth-It is true that animal hair are common allergens but most people just fear animal hair, even when they are harmless.  Due to this fear, you tend to sneeze or wheeze when in contact with pets.  In fact, pets with long hair collect a lot of dust, pollen and mold spores, which are actually the reason for the allergy more than the hair itself.

2. Blaming the Cats and Dogs-A lot of people blame cats and dogs for pet allergies and do not even consider other animals to be possible allergy causing agents.   It is a fact that almost all animals produce animal dander and it is not only cats and dogs who can be blamed. Even birds are very notorious when it comes to causing allergies because of their droppings, feathers and dander.

3. Pets can Suffer from Allergies too– Another myth which people believe in is the fact that only humans can have allergies.  Many pets like dogs and cats too can suffer from allergies. Dogs often itch rather than sneezing or coughing and this can be a sign of the fact that the dog is suffering from an allergy.

If you notice any such thing, then you must take your dog to a vet and it treated with antihistamines or allergy shots.  Even cats can become very itchy and this too can be recognized as an allergic reaction.

4. The Hypoallergenic Pet Myth-A lot of people bring home hypoallergenic pets thinking that these pets shed little and hence never cause allergies or allergic reaction. This is a popular misconception and myth. Even low shedding dogs can lead to allergies or asthma attacks because of other reasons.  Within the same species, some of the animals may produce more allergens than the others and hence no pet is completely hypoallergenic.  In fact buying a hairless dog or cat can be an expensive affair and hence you must always do your full research before purchasing one.

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