Top 5 Non-Allergenic Dog Breeds

—Know What Dog Breed Is Good For You

No body prefers to own a dog with a breed that is suspected to be not safe for allergic persons. Hence, people look for a hypo-allergic dog breed for domestication.

Nevertheless, in accordance with an article written in New York Times, “all the safe-breed theories are just wishful thinking.”

However, certain experts still do their best to prepare a list of those dogs, which have the least or have no allergic qualities.

dogThese allergens cannot be recognized easily, as a canine allergic patient tolerates the dog until a certain period but later it irks them. Some other breeds of dogs have similar qualities.

These allergies are normally created because of a protein, which is mostly found in the dog’s saliva and his dander[causes of pet allergies]. These are produced by the dog because of the sebaceous glands.

Dogs with long hairs are more prone to this but in some cases, hairless dogs do have the same problem too. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting this belief.

Even if many contradict the claim that there are dog breeds that have non-allergenic or hypoallergenic qualities, a number of people still supports it strongly.

Especially if you are one of those pet lovers who are, at the same time, allergic to fur and the like, then you need to know what dog breed is suitable for you.

Below is a short check on breeds, which is known to be relatively less allergic or non-allergic:

basenji1. Basenji

This dog is an African native, which was brought to Europe from Africa in the early 1930’s.

Basenjis are the smaller breed type of dog, which has a smooth shiny coat over its body in a variety of shades.

The dog has a distinctive running gait. It (the gait) is similar to the horse-running gait and produces bizarre sounds.

Basenjis are playful dogs and can become good pets when domesticated but you must keep the dog with you during its early years.

These are very intelligent dogs and respond well during the training period. Nevertheless, they take good care of kids too but they should not be kept alone with non-canine animals.

They shed very little and almost none, which makes them a great choice for allergy sufferers. While thinking to buy a Basenji for your family, you must be ensured that this dog is a right choice and you should be careful while selecting one, as Basenji dogs deal with hereditary problems.

They are quite prone to diseases such as Fanconi disease, Retinal Atrophy and Hip Dysplasia. These diseases are hereditary for this breed.

chinese crested dog2. Chinese Crested Dog

Nevertheless, their name suggests that they are oriental Asian natives but it was first thought that they were African.

These small hairless coated dogs have survived for hundreds of years in Central and Southern America including the Jamaican islands and other parts of the West Indies.

This dog breed was among the most adored pets of Chinese Mandarins, and due to their elegant looks, they received a beautiful name ‘Chinese Crested Dogs.’

The breed almost looks like a stuffed toy, as they are extremely soft and having a height of almost 9 to 13 inches. These dogs have two variations but both are relatively smaller in size. You can get them in different color combinations as well.

Chinese Crested Dogs are supposed to be very happy, alert and agile dogs, who can become wonderful companions. These dogs are often very clean and only leave a little amount odor.

They are considered as the most suitable breed in the city or suburban life, as they shed less. They are clean dogs and have non-allergenic features. But, you must be very careful when taming this breed, as they need extra care [Dog grooming].

shih tzu3. Shih Tzu

These are little ‘lion dogs,’ which came in existence almost two thousand years back. They are known as Shih-Tzu because they were ruling in the Imperial Palaces of China and became lovable pets in almost every pet loving family around the globe.

Nevertheless, they almost look like a small cub and they are not wild dogs. They can also survive with you in the metropolitan apartments that only have a limited area of living.

Like all other known hypoallergenic dogs, they shed less. Therefore, it is believed that Shih Tzus have very less allergen-related problems.

They are usually taken as very good friends for kid, as these dogs are among the most active and fun loving dogs. They are very delicate so you must tame this hypoallergenic dog with care.

yorkshire terrier4. Yorkshire terrier dog breed

These dogs were originally hybrid dogs, which were developed to assist in controlling the rat population.

They were developed in the mid-19th century in Northern Britain. The area where they originated was ‘Yorkshire.’ Hence, they were named as ‘Yorkshire Terriers.’

These smaller and daintier dogs are very spunky and active. They are very dangerous for rats but becomes very quite when pampered.

It is a very popular toy breed, which is mostly available in black coats in the early days. However, some have changes like a silvery blue with tanned head and legs (this happens normally in the first year of life).

These dogs are supposed to be very intelligent, mischievous, trustworthy and friendly but these are not suitable for young kids, as daintiness of these dogs can cause injuries in kids. These hairless dogs shed very less, that creates comparatively lesser problem of allergies.

poodle5. Poodle

Poodles are trusted to be of Germanic origination but they were quite famous as French dogs for years.

This is a pet dog that comes in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large and its coat color also varies like black, white, and brown among others. Its name is derived from the German word ‘pudel.’ The meaning of this word is ‘to splash in water.’

Poodles are very good swimmers and hunters at the same time. They are among the best known hypoallergenic dogs around. They have been pampered pets of the French nobles and were often known as a ‘performer.’ Its non-allergic nature attracts every pet lover.

Points To Consider Before Taking Care Of A Dog

The cost of these dogs make it very difficult to decide what breed you want to purchase, as maximum cross-breed dogs are available with ‘price on request’ tags. But, prior to buying such dogs, you must take advices from your doctor whether you can tame a pet or not.

In according to facts, almost every dog sheds and they have some tendency to produce dander. They do have saliva to some degree.

In a particular situation wherein your dog is shedding dander and you mistakenly inhale a small coat of the dog, the chances are greater for you to get some allergic reactions most especially if you are very sensitive to these types of allergens. More importantly, the symptoms of allergic reactions may vary from person to person.



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