What To Do When You Are Allergic To Your Cat?

cat allergyCats can be so much fun. They love to play. Put a string on a stick and they will bat it for a very long time.

They like their fur petted and their bodies rubbed. Rubbing up against your leg is their way of saying hello.

Your cat likes to stay close to you. You are his best friend. It is too bad that now you are starting to sneeze when he jumps into your lap.

The allergy symptoms you are starting to have such as teary eyes and a runny nose are beginning to make you wonder, “Am I allergic to my cat?” The sad truth is that you probably are.


When you have a cat, there will be a lot of dander flying around in the air. You will want to buy a home air purifier to help with this problem.

You can buy purifiers that reduce airborne triggers by almost 100 %. Room humidifiers will zap awful dust mites, pet dander, and of course, mold spores. These machines are usually quiet in your home.


A good vacuum is necessary if you are allergic to your cat. You need to vacuum carpets and any surfaces that your cat has touched frequently.

A vacuum that has a filtration system will help. It will be hard for allergy triggers to get out of the vacuum with this type of filtration system.

Redecorate Your Home

Curtains will pick up hair and dander from your cat so it would be a good idea to put mini blinds on windows instead. You can wipe these off, and you are good to go.

Cloth furniture is another item that you may want to change. You could buy leather furniture instead so that dander and skin flakes from your cat will be easy to clean up.

Wood flooring or linoleum would be your best bet if you do not want to have to vacuum your floors all of the time.

No Cat Zone

Even though you love your cat very much you need to let them sleep somewhere else besides your bed. It may be a good idea to make the bedroom a no sleep zone for your cat. If you do allow your cat in your bedroom, you will need to wash your sheets and comforters regularly.

Keeping Kitty Clean

Cats are not very happy when you give them a bath, but if you are allergic to cats, this is something you may have to do. You will not need to use strong soaps on your cat.

Plain warm water is the best thing for you to use. You will want to groom your cat on a daily basis so you will be able to get any loose hair or dander. Get your cat’s claws trimmed so that they will not be able to scratch. Scratching can spread dander.

There is no need for you to give away your cat if you just adhere to some simple guidelines.



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