The 5 Most Common Airborne Allergens

You may not realize it but allergy causing agents called allergens are present all around you. Allergens are of many types but the most common ones are present in the air and can trigger different allergic reactions in different people. It is thus important to keep the air and your surroundings clean and clear. For this you can either make use of air purifiers or maintain a general sense of hygiene and cleanliness. The following is a list of the 5 most common airborne allergens that you must be aware of.

most common airborne allergens

1. Pollen

Pollen is a very small sized or fine particle that comes from weed, grasses, flowers and various kinds of trees. It usually floats in the air and can also act as a fertilizer for certain plants. Pollen can be of many types and may often trigger allergies which are commonly termed as pollen allergies. While some people are allergic to some kinds of pollen, others may be to other kinds. Some common allergic reactions which pollen can lead to include heavy breathing, sneezing, skin rashes and asthma attacks.

2. Mold

Mold is another airborne allergen and is one which feeds on organic matter. It decomposes organisms in moist dark areas and may be present as microscopic spores in the air. The best way to stay away from this allergen is to keep your house and surroundings clean.

3. Pet Dander

If you have a pet at home, then another possible airborne allergen that you may be exposed to is pet dander. Pet dander can lead to many kinds of pet related allergies and is mostly caused due to cats. The dander given off from the fur and also from the mucus and saliva can lead to reactions.

4. Smoke

Smoke too is an allergen present in the air around you and can lead to runny nose, shortness of breath, watery eyes and even coughing.  It can be caused due to tobacco products or burning of paper, chemicals and waste etc. for those suffering from smoke allergies, it is important to stay away from smoking and other kinds of smoke as much as possible.

5. Dust

Dust too is a big culprit as far as causing allergic reactions is concerned. It too can lead to itching, runny nose, coughing and sneezing. It is important to clean and dust your house and surroundings everyday to remain away from dust related allergens and hence allergies.


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