7 Major Dangers of Untreated Asthma

A treated asthma patient can lead a normal life. But, ever wondered what happens to the asthma patients who are not treated? Fortunately, many people with asthma take frequent appointments with doctor and use treat themselves in case of asthma attack.  But, there are few cases which makes very difficult to control asthma. The untreated asthma can bother you in two ways by financial and health perspective. Here are few most horrible cases which are seen if asthma is untreated.
  1. Sleeping Disorders
    Many of the asthmatic patients exhibit the symptoms during nights. Continues night symptoms can lead to sleep deprivation, which can also effect on your work at your job or workplace.
  2. Physical inactivity
    With physical inactivity asthma patients are at the high risk of developing many health conditions such as obesity, heart diseases, etc. Lack of physical activity can also increase psychological distress in some people. People who are suffering from asthma cannot perform few exercises, because the lung becomes bad and it will not allow getting the exercise you need.
  3. Poor performance
    With uncontrolled asthma, the daily performance gets badly affected. Children can miss their classes at school and academic performance can come down because of this problem.
  4. Anxiety and Stress
    Untreated asthma can make the person’s stress and anxiety levels worsen and this makes the situation more difficult to treat asthma.
  1. Hospitalization
    Not taking proper medicines, may lead to severe attacks of asthma and sometimes it also hospitalizes you. Few symptoms indicate that you need an immediate care include severe chest pain, extreme difficulty in breathing, bluish coloration of the skin and difficulty in walking or talking.
  2. Uncontrolled asthma
    Untreated asthma with medicines can lead to an increased risk of lung scratch. Which can damage your airways and lungs, you will have difficulty in breathing unless with an external aid.  This stage of asthma is permanent it cannot be reversed.
  1. Death
    A severe untreated asthma can lead to respiratory failure. Airways can shut down, the medications will not work longer, and if this is not treated immediately it can lead to death of the person.

Poorly controlled asthma signs

  • SOB (shortness of breath) during exercise, or any other daily activity.
  • Disturbed sleep due to continuous coughing.
  • Coughing with cold for more than a week.
  • History of hospitalization or need for emergency care
  • Medication required more than two times in a month.

Importance of early treatment

Early treatment can help you to manage the disease. There are mainly two type’s treatments to manage asthma. Medications can help you to reduce muscle constriction in the airways and provide you quick relief. These are in the form of inhalers and should be carried along with you, whenever you have the asthma attack use it. Regular medication can help you to prevent airways and reduce inflammation. Along with these you should also stay away from few things which can trigger asthma. A proper care and attention is highly important to avoid complications with asthma.


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