Homeopathy to Cure Asthma

Although the cause of asthma varies widely, from genetic to pollution, it is one health disorder that is not just poignantly existent but is globally increasing in an alarming rate every year. The primary cause behind this ever increasing rate is increase in pollution, exposure to artificial food, and chemicals. These ever growing phenomenon are making our body’s immune system to malfunction at a point thus leaving us as victims to respiratory and skin ailments.

Although asthmatic treatments primarily depends upon bronchodilators and steroids, which honestly work wonders in acute conditions to deliver immediate relief, they are however not very helpful in the long run. Their effects are just temporary and do nothing to improve your body’s immune system to prevent further attacks.

This is because these medicines do not address the underlining cause of the ailments as much as they do to providing temporary relief. However, on the other hand Homeopathy treatments are capable of curing asthma as they do address the underlining causes thus helping by improving your body’s immune mechanism.

Homeopathy treatments are capable of building your body to a healthier state naturally over time, although they may take years or treatment before showing any significant signs. Here are a few things you need to know about your Homeopathic treatment of asthma.

homeopathy to cure asthmaInfluencing Factors

Asthma is often labeled as incurable and chronic. However there are certain things that you need to know about asthma that might just help you to understand your ailment better. You must remember the cause of asthma can be traced back to your genetic predisposition, your personal health history, your immune status and obesity, and your present physical and psychological status.

Homeopathy treatment constitutes of a holistic approach to all these conditions thus being able to influence these factors. This approach helps in the overall improvement of your condition, health, and immunity.

Unique Pharmacological Process

One of Europe’s largest medical school in the University of Glasgow confirms after an experiment that patients given an exceedingly small homeopathic doses of the substance they are allergic to provides significant relief to patients within the first week of treatment. This is known as a unique method of individualizing medicine also known as ‘homeopathic immunotherapy’. In short these doses are custom made for each patient at various steps.

Conventional allergy testing is used to determine the substances the asthmatic patients are most allergic to and then given 30th potency of this substance, which is essentially a much diluted form of the substance. The substance is diluted in distilled water in a ratio of 1:10 with a vigorous shaking in between each dilution.

Homeopaths theorize and scientists confirm that this shaking between each dilution results in a residual of a very small amount of molecules of the original allergen which proves as a potent medicine which is only understood with the help of most cutting edge science.


Experiments conducted to meta-analyze homeopathic medicines’ performance within asthma patients have revealed that either homeopathic medicines work or control clinical trials which is basically the platform of modern science thus making them effective.

A Holistic Approach

Homeopathy treatment concentrates on the patient as a whole. It focuses on you as a person as well as your pathological condition. The medicinal properties are chosen to be custom made just for your benefit in your current condition only after a complete individualizing examination and case analysis.

Thus homeopathic treatment is the only known, acknowledged, accepted system of medicine that aims at curing your disease instead of just providing symptomatic relief. It helps your physician to find the cause and then eradicate it by improving your body’s immune system and building your stronger.


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