The Benefits of Seeing a Private Doctor for Your Allergies

Allergies range from annoyances to life-threatening conditions. They can aggravate other problems, too, such as asthma and emphysema. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of seeing a private doctor for your allergies or health problems that could be due to allergies. We’ll also discuss those times when you shouldn’t rely on the slow NHS system.

Is It X or Y?

You’re dealing which chronic stomach pain and indigestion. Is it repeated food poisoning? Are you really gluten intolerant? Or is it something else? Instead of spending months trying to adjust your diet and taking over the counter remedies, consult with a doctor who can run all the necessary tests.


This is essential to your health and quality of life. You don’t want to let ulcers worsen because you think it is nothing, and you don’t want to let celiac disease worsen until you’re debilitated. Arrange to see a private doctor who can refer you to all the tests and services you need in the house. Then you don’t have to spend months getting in with various labs ad specialists. Nor will you waste months or more trying to figure out what is wrong.

When Time Is Of the Essence

If you’re dealing with a severe allergic reaction, time is of the essence. Taking over the counter antihistamines or an EpiPen may control symptoms, but you may need additional doses or more potent treatments. If things aren’t so bad that you need to go to the Emergency Room, such as when you’re dealing with an allergic skin rash, get into a private doctor’s office so that you can be evaluated and treated the same day. If you need to go to the Emergency Room or be hospitalized, you’ll receive priority admission because another doctor has already confirmed the severity of the issue.

Personalized, Complementary Treatment

Allergies are an immune system malfunction. Your body is treating proteins it is exposed to as if they are diseases. You might be prescribed asthma medication or allergy shots by your general practitioner. Yet they tend to focus on giving you treatment and getting you out the door. A good holistic practice will spend the time helping you control symptoms, minimize triggers and treat the root cause of the issue.

For example, someone allergic to ragweed may learn from a good doctor that their psyllium fiber supplements are causing their digestive tract problems the same way an allergy to one nut increases the odds of being allergic to others. You want to be able to discuss your whole lifestyle, since you may need to stop one herb or supplement to avoid interacting with your medications. And lifestyle changes like getting a cat whose fur you aren’t allergic to or putting in wood floors to limit the number of dust mites in your home could make a massive difference in your quality of life.

The best doctors will also evaluate your current treatments in light of your lifestyle and health. There’s no point in continuing allergy shots if you’re no longer allergic or no longer exposed to the allergen. And you may need to switch medications from time to time. For example, over the counter decongestants may cause problems with blood pressure medication.