Are You Worried with Nasal Congestion Problems?

Nasal congestion is most common problem experienced by almost everyone from young children to older adults at some point or other. A congested or stuffy nose results when the membranes of the inner lining of the nose becomes inflamed or swollen.

Triggers of the nasal congestion problems

nasal congestion problemsNasal congestion can be just an irritation for adults, but it can become a serious problem for infants, who might have hard time to breathe with congested nose.

There are many causes for nasal congestion problems. Some of the most common include-

Common cold: Most of the time common cold is associated with a clear watery discharge, joint pains, muscle aches, cough and also nasal congestion. During cold, the nasal passages will be blocked with thick mucus secretions and results in nasal congestion.

Hay fever: Nasal allergies like hay fever are mostly linked with nasal congestion problems. Exposure to potential allergens like pollens, dust, and pet dander certainly lead to nasal allergies and consequently nasal congestion problems.

Sinus infection: When you are suffering with sinus problems, nasal congestion is most common symptom that you could encounter.

Vasomotor rhinitis: This is the term used for nasal problems that are not caused by allergies, bacteria or viruses. Exposure to pollution or dry air is mainly responsible for vasomotor rhinitis, which possibly triggers nasal congestion.

Other than these common causes, few other health conditions that lead to nasal congestion include food allergy, nasal polyps, tobacco smoke, swollen lymph nodes, sleep apnea, cluster headache and upper respiratory tract infections.

Effective measures for nasal congestion problems

Take steam: This is the best method to clear off mucus in nasal cavities that are responsible for nasal congestion. If you have to deal with nasal congestion problems in young kids, you can apply warm compress or vapor rubs to clear off nasal congestion.

Make necessary changes in diet: Necessary changes in diet can take you or your young kid long way to avoid frequent nasal congestion. Diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods like fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and supplements of vitamin C can help you handle nasal congestion problems in a better way.

Consume hot liquids: Taking hot liquids like coffee or tea can be helpful to get better relief from nasal congestion instantly. However, remember to limit excessive intake and check for possible allergies before you take hot tea or coffee.

Neti pot method: This particular method is very effective to give better relief from nasal congestion problems. Get a Neti pot that looks like a small tea pot with thin extra long spout.

Fill the pot with warm water and gently pour it into one of your nostrils by tilting your head to one side. Ensure that you pour water in opposite direction of titled side. This will loosen the mucus that is responsible for nasal congestion.

If you are not sure with the method, don’t try to experiment on yourself or others. Get it done by experts at alternative medical care centers.



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