12 Different ways to Prevent Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks cannot be prevented completely, but you and your doctor working together by taking few simple and easy steps to prevent asthma. Here are 12 different ways to prevent asthma attacks naturally. 12 Different ways to Prevent Asthma Attacks

  1. Changing your pillow and mattresses cover

Use an allergy proof bed sheets and pillow covers. Change them daily and make sure that you are not using the covers which are not clean. Wash all your bed sheets and mattresses covers weekly in hot water above 130 degrees F, which can kill all dust mites. Also use dehumidifier which will reduce excess moisture and can prevent mold in home.

      2. No pets in your bedrooms or on furniture

Do not allow any of your pets on your furniture, bed or places you stay longer because, pet dander is one of the most common asthma trigger. Many of us do not feel difficult to avoid pets because they are very close to family members but, try not to allow on beds and furniture’s at least.

  1. Remove carpets

Remove your carpets in living room and bed room. Clean those, if they cannot be removed use vacuum at least twice a week. If you have HEPA air filters use them to clean the carpets.

  1. Fix leaky faucets

Always keep your bathrooms dry and clean. A mold is a fungus which grows from multi -cellular filaments called hyphae. They are also a common asthma trigger, to reduce mold keep bathrooms clean and remove household plants.

  1. Avoid smoking areas

Second hand smoke and smoke on furniture, cloths can also trigger asthma attack. When you are going out or travelling ask for smoke free rooms.

  1. Stay away from harsh cleaning products and chemicals

Fumes which are released from household cleaners contain chemicals which can also trigger asthma. Try to avoid places where there are harmful fumes and chemicals.

  1. Reduce stress

Relieve all your tensions and worries from your mind. Deep emotions and worrying can make asthma symptoms worse. To reduce stress be yourself busy with the things you enjoy doing, spend some time with your love ones, etc.

  1. Concentrate on air quality

Try to be inside the house, avoid pollution, humid weather and poor air quality. Limit outdoor activity.

  1. Exercise indoors

Physical activity is must whether you have asthma or not. Avoid exercising in harsh, very cold and very warm weathers, instead of that choose simple exercises and perform them at home.

  1. Be alert with Seasonal allergies

Asthma and allergies are interrelated. Do consult your doctor if you are having any hay fever, allergies or any health condition. He may suggest you few medications which will take care of all your seasonal allergies.

  1. Let your friends known that you have asthma

Your friends, teaches, co-workers, family members, etc. Let them know about the asthma problem you have.  It’s important because we never know what to do if one occurs.

  1. Keep Asthma medicines readily available

Keep inhaler, medicines, and other necessary things handy for any emergency. Know the nearest hospital location; in case of sudden asthma attack you can easily travel to the place.

All these above things can prevent asthma attacks in a natural way. Simple lifestyle changes can help you to stay healthy and better.



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