Can Changing Your Child’s Diet Help To Prevent Asthma?

The answer to that question would be “quite likely”. More and more research is now showing that asthma is a disease that owes itself substantially to lifestyle related factors and that making good choices now for children can help prevent them getting asthma later in life.

This may be of particular interest for those people who have a pattern of asthma in the family and whose children are seen to be more at risk from asthma: if the lifestyle of babies, who have a strong likelihood of developing asthma, is changed, their risk of developing asthma significantly reduces.

If the risk of asthma is to be lowered among teens, the preparation for this has to start a lot earlier.

By cutting out foots such as soy, nuts, dairy foods and nuts now, asthma risk for the future is significantly reduced.

What a baby eats and in fact what a breast feeding mother eats will have a future impact on this risk.

And it isn’t just one’s diet that will impact future asthma risk; by also controlling the presence of dust mites in baby bedding, a considerable difference can be made. Using vinyl mattresses and covers, and acracide to reduce the levels of dust mites in the air was seen to help.



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