3 Steps to Control Childhood Asthma in your Kid

When a child is diagnosed with asthma, the situation can be scary not just for the child but also for the parents. Asthma is a lifelong condition which can affect life’s events and activities in many ways and is something which no one can totally cure. But, with some steps, parents can help control childhood asthma and make life easier for the child.  The following are some steps to control this condition in your kid:

steps to control childhood asthma1. Learn the Triggers and Avoid them

The very first step to control asthma in your child is to learn what triggers the asthma attacks in your child and avoid those triggers.  Different things can trigger the asthmatic reaction in your child and many factors can influence the condition to worsen. Thus, parents must make it a point to keep the environment of the house allergen free by proper cleanliness, installing air purifiers, using good air filters, avoiding cigarettes, perfumes, air fresheners etc.

2. Work on an Action Plan with the Doctor

Once you have ensured a safe environment for your child, the next step is to work with the doctor and chart out an action plan.  You must track down the symptoms of asthma in your child and keep an eye on him/her to avoid worsening of the condition.  Teach your child how to express the severity of his/her asthmatic attack or problem at a given time on the scale of ten.  Teach him how to use the inhaler and adjust the medication according to the severity of the problem. If needed, always contact an emergency help in case of a serious attack.

3. Use Natural Methods of Treatment

As a parent, you must familiarize yourself with the various natural methods of treatment of asthma.  For this, watch closely what your child is drinking and eating throughout the day and concentrate more on those vegetables and fruits which do not contain any chemicals.  Concentrate on giving your child more of plant proteins and more of water than other sugar substitutes of fizzy drinks.

Also, you can control the way your child exercises or engages in outdoor sports.  It is important for asthma patients to slowly warm up before engaging in any sport or exercise. Avoid those sports which can be extremely rigorous or highly physically demanding for the child.  Teach him how to perform breathing exercises in between physical sessions.


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