Tips to be Allergy Safe this Holiday Season

There may be a lot of feasting and merry making during the holiday season, but for the person with allergies, problems may abound. Here are some tips to be allergy safe this holiday seasonallergy safe

  • If there is a buffet it is wise to skip that – they could mean common cooking or serving utensils, there is proximity of different foods and there is a high risk of cross contamination
  • Take allergy medication 48 hours in advance if you plan to visit people with pets, a real tree or any other allergy trigger you suspect they may have
  • All meds, the EpiPen, inhaler, etc. should be brought along, for if and when you need them
  • If you have a severe allergy of some sort, then make sure you pass on the information to your host ahead of time to avoid exposure if possible
  • If yours is going to be an overnight visit consider the need to bring your own bedding
  • Even if you are going to be at home, avoid aerosol cans and other scented products. Use an artificial tree and greens; make sure to dust decorations well
  • And keep unscented tissues handy.


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