Banana Allergies – Symptoms and How to Deal with it

Banana is one of the most familiar fruits all over the world, best for tender ages and even better for adults who suffer from bowel related troubles. The fruit is rich in nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, fibre and iron. Unfortunately, many people suffer from banana allergy that is marked with itching of the mouth and throat, swelling of body parts (angioedema), hives on the skin (uticaria), and constant wheezing.

In majority of cases, the symptoms start showing within minutes of eating the fruit. In case of kids, it is the best to visit an allergy clinic once such symptoms show so that the correct triggers can be identified. Here are more details about banana allergy –

symptoms of banana allergies

Symptoms of Banana Allergy

Mouth Itching

The itching will be severe on lips, tongue and throat. Within few minutes the itching will spread across the eyes and skin. While you tell your doctor about these, also mention about other allergies if you have to facilitate the treatment plan. During the ragweed season, mouth itching gets even more intense and painful.


Followed by itching, swelling occurs to the same areas on the body. Ragweed hay fever is also common accompanied by swelling and itching. If the symptoms are seen only in the mouth, it is called oral allergy syndrome. Welts or folds of the skin can also be affected, swelling also occurs in the eyes and face, thereby causing immense pain.

Respiratory Troubles

The inflammation in the airways, constrict them and the swelling also affects the tongue, throat, and sinus areas. The patient might face difficulty in swallowing and breathing. These symptoms can even lead to heart troubles.

Sudden Shock

Banana allergies can also cause sudden seizures as the immune system brings a sudden drop in blood pressure. The respiratory troubles reduce oxygen levels, leading to anaphylaxis and then followed by shock. Such cases need immediate paramedic assistance.

Abdominal Pain

Too many gastrointestinal symptoms show in banana allergies. Cramping pain and indigestion just within few minutes of eating banana can be the primary indication of banana allergy. However, in most patients, immediate vomiting or diarrhoea is also accompanied.

How to Deal with Banana Allergies?

Mild allergic reactions are usually treated with an antihistamine. However, the rare and severe cases lead to anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening stage of allergic reaction. In such cases, the patient should be taken to a hospital immediately and adrenaline injection should be administered as soon as possible.

The best option is however to avoid this fruit completely if you are aware of the allergy possibilities; skin prick tests and blood tests will confirm if the triggering element is banana or any other food. When your diet is devoid of bananas, make sure you include other foods with potassium content like mangoes, potatoes, tomatoes, pears etc. If you are prone to banana allergy, it is wise to carry antihistamine tablets always. Take the tablet as soon as you realise that the symptoms have set in and visit the doctor.


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