7 Most Common Food Allergy Symptoms

Food allergies are those common types of allergies which are caused due to intake of certain foods which a person might be allergic to. The allergy leads to certain symptoms and even serious results in some of the cases. Thus it is important to identify which food has caused the allergy so that it can be avoided. Different foods might cause different symptoms but there are some common signs to identify food allergies and they are given as follows:

food allergy symptoms

1. Difficult to Breathe or Swallow

Out of all the other common symptoms of food allergies, one of the most common is the difficult to breathe after intake of a particular food and problems in swallowing.  When this happens, the person might feel the need to grasp air and in serious cases, this can lead to suffocating and even death.

2. Stomach Pain/Cramping

Another common symptom or sign of a food allergy is pain in the stomach. When this happens, the person might experience cramping which can be very uncomfortable.

3. Diarrhea, Vomiting, Nausea

Those allergic to certain foods may experience diarrhea on the consumption of that food item. In such a case, it is very important to identify and allergen and avoid its intake in order to stop the feeling of nausea and repeated vomiting.

4. Anxiety and fear

Another sign to identify a food allergy is a sudden and intense feeling of fear and anxiety.  The person may feel anxious and may become extremely fearful of people and surroundings.

5. A rapid heartbeat

Some foods can cause people to experience a rapid heartbeat as an allergic reaction. The heart beat may become fast paced and this is also a sign to identify a food allergy.

6. Drop in blood pressure

A few foods can lead to a rapid drop in the blood pressure of a person and this is another kind of a common symptom of allergy from some foods. In such a case, the person may immediately seek medical help. The drop in blood pressure can make one feel confused and light-headed.

7. Unconsciousness

In some of the cases of food allergies, some people may faint or become unconscious after consumption of the food item which they are allergic to. This is a serious sign and medical attention must be sought at the earliest. Here, the doctor must conduct a medical examination and suggest an allergen test.


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